Monday, October 18, 2010

The Start Of Something

So as some know on the ninth of August, 2011, I will be going with Me To We on a trip to Kenya to help the community by building a school and helping to provide the Maasai people with some of the necessities they need to survive. In this endeavour I hope to gain a greater understanding of the world and its problems, and to learn how I can continue to Take Action for change.

To undergo this trip, I need to fund raise approximately $6000.00. I am also hoping to supply one or two bursaries to assist in the cost for local Me to We students to attend the week-long Me to We Leadership Camp held in the summer at UBC.

Please take a look at my fundraising activities page. Your generous support in these activities is greatly appreciated. If you cannot attend, but still wish to support me,  please contact me for any information you require.